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Committee Chairpeople:

Sayeh Azarpay 


Crystal Hitchcock

The last day we will be collecting Eaglets is March 18th

Eaglet Photos (For 5th Grade Only) --

Send in a kindergarten (or younger) aged photo of your student and it will be included in our specail 5th Grade Eaglet section of the yearbook. This option is available for 5th grade families only and the final photo size may vary depending on available page space. 

    We are working hard to create a memorable yearbook for the students.  One of the staples of our yearbooks is the 5th Grade Eaglet photos. They are usually an add-on fee for parents that choose to purchase them. This year, we decided to offer them for free to every 5th grade student.  Please send in your photo my March 18th!

5th grade Eaglets.jpg
We are no longer able to take Eaglets. Thank you to everyone who submitted!


Sunnycrest 02.jpg

Yearbook Cover Contest

Be sure to read all directions on the Contest Flyer!
Be sure your entry is in portrait format, it also must include Sunnycrest 2021/2022

2021- 2022 Yearbook Cover Contest PosterMyWall copy.jpg
YB Cover Contest 1.jpg

Thank you for participating! The winners will be announced on Facebook when the yearbooks arrive!

YB Cover Contest 2.jpg
YB Cover Contest 3.jpg
You may print this page or just use a 8.5 x11 computer paper.
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