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Carson S.  $85.00

Sloane E.  $50.00

Katie W.  $50.00

Liam N. $165.00

Annalise S. $120.00

Garrison A. $40.00

Henry E. $5.00

Mikey M. $25.00

Maisy M. $25.00

Sienna B. $60.00

Noah C. $25.00

Hailey Y. $10.00


1st Grade

William P. $60.00

Ryland C. $ 170.00

Brody T. $80.00

Milani M. $20.00

Griffin P. $45.00


2nd Grade

Moses W.  $95.00

Kylie G.  $150.00

Adam H. $50.00

Hailey C. $20.00

Kaylee C. 20.00

Austin C. $25.00

Callie C. $10.00


3rd Grade

Carter W. $95.00

Zoey S.  $55.00

Keller C. $50.00

Ryan C. $20.00

Walker P. $45.00

Benjamin H. $10.00

Cooper H. $5.00

Ben H. $20.00


4th Grade

Jaxon N. $15.00

Noelle B. $95.00


5th Grade

Riley S.  $55.00





































Hello! This year will be our 9th annual Fun Run! Our Fun Run is a fun and fit activity for kindergarteners through fifth-grade students. 


Our goal is to raise money for our students and get some exercise, with all children reaching for their personal best distance.


The Fun Run will be held on Friday, October 5th.


This will be the Sunnycrest PTA's only fall fundraiser for 2018. We mayhave a PTA fundraiser in the spring, and the Sunnycrest ASB may still have a catalog fundraiser. (The ASB is a different school entity.)


Every year, Sunnycrest PTA provides:


  • $5 per student to offset field trip costs

  • $75 per classroom towards the purchase of classroom supplies

  • Family fun activities

  • Production of the school yearbook

  • Promotion of the Arts through the Art Docent program and PTA Reflections program

  • Contributions to a dedicated fund for major purchases like playground equipment

  • Support of our WatchD.O.G.S. program!


We do our best to stay within our budget and keep our fundraising to a minimum. Support from Sunnycrest families and friends makes this possible and allows our PTA to provide as much support as we can for our students. 

We thank you so much for your financial support,

whatever you feel you can provide!


Important Information –


  1. Envelopes should be turned in on the Fun Run Day of Friday, Oct 5th and no later then Wednesday Oct 10th.


  3. Prizes to be awarded:

  4. ~ $5 in donations receives a Sunnycrest Spirit Fun Run LED Key Chain!


  6. ~ $50 in total donations receives a Spirit LED Key Chain and a Sunnycrest Fun Run 2018 T-shirt     


  8. ~ $100 in total donations receives a Spirit LED Key Chain, a Sunnycrest Draw-String Backpack w/ Water Bottle, and a Sunnycrest Fun Run 2018 T-shirt.  


  10. The class to raise the most donations wins $100 for Classroom Supplies & a Popcorn and Extra Recess Party for the class!


Pledges may be made by anyone and in any amount by cash, check, or online using the donate button above!

Please have checks made out to 'Sunnycrest PTA' and checks may be used as your donor receipt for tax purposes.

Please be safe and have children ask only family and friends with parent supervision.

Students are asked to collect the donation/pledge at the time it is made using the envelope provided.


On Fun Run day, each grade will walk/run for a 20 minute period during a specified time on our Sunnycrest field. Each lap is approximately 1/4 mile. Volunteers and students will keep track of the number of laps to know the approximate distance travelled by each student.


Students are asked to wear running shoes. This event will take place rain or shine so participants should dress accordingly.


Parents are encouraged to come as volunteers and participate with your child’s classroom.


Please complete an online background check by clicking here: Volunteer Background Check) if you have not done so within the past 2 years.




Sunnycrest Fun Run